22 Oct

Do you have a lost or broken tooth that has completely broken your confidence? when people with such teeth stayed lifelong, gone are those days. Today’s cosmetic dentistry has advanced with many innovations. With the “dental crown and dental bridges”, you can replace your injured or lost teeth. What are the dental crowns? A cap that encloses one’s damaged teeth and provides a tooth structure with the necessary support and strength is known as a dental crown.

It also avoids any risks of further damage to any adjacent tooth area, at the same time. It brings one a natural tooth-like appearance. To protect a tooth structure they are also the protective layers from dental decays and other harmful effects.  

What is their importance? If you have severely damaged or injured your teeth that cannot be fixed with dental fillings or any primary procedure, the tooth crowns will be a final solution there. They can save a tooth’s life. One may also require tooth removal if there is excessive damage to it. You may probably require a dental crown treatment too if you are with your stained dental fillings.  

How they are placed? There are many steps involved in tooth crown placement. Let’s look at them in order.  Your nearest dentist will anesthetize the affected teeth as well as surrounding gum tissues if required. The next step will be to make a tooth model as per the shape and thickness required. This process will ensure the maximum strength and durability of the crown to be achieved. 

While processing, the orthodontist near me will also remove the tooth plaque or other teeth debris if any. The tooth will get a dental impression (the picture of your teeth) for perfection in a measurement of the crown following it.  The tooth crown is cemented into an affected tooth finally. Many crowns are made up of porcelain materials of zirconia.  

What are dental bridges? 

The dental bridge is a cosmetic dental process, in which a single or more than one tooth will require restorative surgery. The main aim of this process is to bridge the gap left by the lost teeth around the tooth area nearby a tooth gap. Patients with misaligned teeth may also require dental bridges ( yet left with a strong structure to back up dental bridges ).   

Why are dental bridges important? 

They will help you in maintaining the appropriate face shape and helps in restoring your smile. When biting, they can also help you properly chew food, speak and place the jaws together which helps in preventing other teeth in the mouth from moving out of place or drifting apart.  

How they are placed? This cosmetic procedure has somewhat similar steps to dental crowns. Tooth model is an appropriate vital to be made. The dental bridge is shaped to fit and function as smoothly as possible. Dental implants can also support dental crowns and tooth bridges. In appearance and functions, they are as natural as our teeth.

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